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Hey! I'm 6A31

-Apprentice & Hobbyist

About me
I am 18 years old and taught myself how to code. The first language I learned was Python. My motivation was to create discord bots using the library. I am mainly experienced with backend and I have simple knowledge of design. Additionally, I hope to expand my knowledge in the field of Artificial intelligence and database management. I'm from Switzerland and I speak German | English and a bit of French. I started getting into software at the age of 14. My preferred IDE so far is Visual Studio Code because of its simplicity and rich add-on market. I know my way around GitHub and I like to use it for version control, software publishing, and to simply collaborate with other software designers. The project I enjoyed most so far was the creation of my first ever discord bot, which got added into numerous public servers.

My previous work

As previously mentioned, I have created multiple discord applications for personal and public use. Some of my bigger projects are:

  • Creating and training a neural network to detect nudity and sexual content

  • Using an Optical character recognition model to filter user submitted images for profanity

  • The creation of a display controlled by a Raspberry Pi in my room on which my friends could display me messages

  • Creating my own script to automatically test for weaknesses in a local network

Some of my other projects consist of experiments, exercise, and personal use, like automation. One of my experimental projects was the attempt of RFID cloning, in which I used a Raspberry Pi and a 433 MHZ emitter/receiver. I managed to copy the static code from our garage door opener and replicate the signal to successfully open the garage door.

My Stack

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